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Resume Tips and Tricks Part 1.

Creating a resume is a decisive step in a job search. Before impressing employers during an interview, resumes give a professional snapshot that allows employers to select the best candidates for a position by providing a concise work history and skill list. A resume that reflects your skills is crucial. Here are a few ways […]

How to Be a GREAT Employee – Soft Skills

A common mistake among people swapping or beginning careers, or even trying to climb higher on the ladder at their current job, is focusing solely on “hard” skills. These are often certifications, degrees, or anything that shows proof of having relevant knowledge and capabilities. When first stepping into a new world, hard skills are naturally […]

1 simple way to have better work-life balance

Having better work-life balance is the dream of many professionals. I find it hard to maintain balance in a remote world. When I first started working remotely I thought that I would have a better balance between work and my personal life. For the simple fact that I  was at home and around my family […]

Salary Transparency

Why is salary transparency better for everyone?  It is crazy to me that this question is still having to be talked about. Honestly, I feel hiding the salary is an old school way of hiring employees. When I look for a job the first thing, I look at is the salary. To me the reason […]

Hiring for Skill or Character?

Hiring new employees costs a company an average of $4,000 an employee. Hiring the right people will save your company money, as well as employee retention.  A question that comes up is do you hire for Character or for skill?  Let’s first look at both. Character is the mental or moral qualities that each person […]

Why should you hire Veterans?

There are several reasons why you should hire United States Military Veterans. It cost the United States government on average $65,000 to train 1 soldier. These men and women have had a lot of time and money invested in them before they even darken your doorstep for an interview.  A lot of soldiers have never […]