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Steps to Success

WPConnects has over 10years of combine experience in growing businesses through online marketing. Our proven methods have helped over 50 companies grow and expand their customer base. 

Website Design and Management

The 1st step to growing your business is having a website. A website is the first impression customers have of your business. 

Websites also need updates and security monitoring to keep your business safe and protect the confidential information.


Marketing helps customers learn about new services and products when they are introduced, and their value and usage. Communication makes this possible. Communication through social media posts or email marketing creates brand awareness and helps businesses stand out among their competitors.

Reputation Management. 

A good reputation affords your company several benefits. For one, it gives you a competitive edge, and it attracts supporters and brand advocates. A positive business reputation also creates opportunities for growth and expansion, as people and other companies are more willing to work with brands they trust and admire.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is important to your business growth. A CRM can help increase sales, provide detailed analytics, automated sales reports and build better customer retention. Your customers are the focus of your business, a CRM allows you to provide easy ways to engage your customers. 

Data Analytics

All of the growth strategies are great, but them mean nothing if your company cannot see the ROI (Return on investment). Data analysis offers insights specific to the business niche, market trends, customer behavior, user base, and target audience. This, in turn, allows companies to build a sturdy business plan for everything starting from marketing strategies to investment opportunities.

Growing with your business

Consistency in your business is far more important that you might imagine. Being consistent allows you to establish awareness, build trust and deliver your services efficiently and profitably.

To successfully market and grow your business, you must remain consistent with your marketing plan. 
Hiring WPConnects has increased my access to customers by 90%. When we ask where our costumers hear about our business they say 'Google' search. I am thrilled I invested money into online marketing
Lesley R.
Santa Barbara

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