How to Be a GREAT Employee – Soft Skills

A common mistake among people swapping or beginning careers, or even trying to climb higher on the ladder at their current job, is focusing solely on “hard” skills. These are often certifications, degrees, or anything that shows proof of having relevant knowledge and capabilities. When first stepping into a new world, hard skills are naturally where a candidate wants to concentrate. Fixating too hard on hard skills instead of soft skills can be detrimental, as soft skills are just as important as having the ability to do a new job.

What are some soft skills that will give a candidate a leg up in the hiring or promotion process? Here are three of the most important.


With the variety of jobs available today communication is a common factor across all disciplines. Sharing ideas, problems, solutions, and anything else is foundational and can make or break a candidate.

This includes being a good listener, too. Not only is it essential to effectively form communication in a way others can understand, but being able to distill and understand ideas from coworkers, especially early on in a new career, is paramount for employers looking to hire or promote.

Luckily, this soft skill is transferable from practically every aspect of life. It’s so common in day-to-day activities that communication is notably absent from the frequently highlighted skills of candidates. Simply bringing up any background or training that involves communication can make an impact on job aspects or promotions.


The ability to acclimate to a fluid working environment is becoming more important than ever. As businesses adapt to a fast-paced world, so too do the individual positions in those companies need to change shape.

Simply being willing to embrace change and thrive in it can put candidates leaps and bounds ahead of their peers. Luckily, this soft skill comes with experience. Putting in the time and keeping an open mind will allow you to flow like the water when it comes to company changes.

Technological Ability

Although this is teetering between a soft skill and a hard skill, computers are in practically every business in the modern world. Knowing how to navigate common programs and operating systems is a must-have for most positions in the job market.

A candidate for a promotion or a new job, showing proficiency above and beyond the needed skill level for software used by a company, looks great on a CV or resume. With the infinite wealth of knowledge of search engines, time, and dedication, learning to be just a little more efficient with computers can give that step up above the competition.

Show Yourself Off

In most cases, people have a wealth of soft skills in their toolbox.

There are countless soft skills that companies need for open positions, and all it requires to be set apart from the pack is to make sure that those in charge of hiring or promoting know that you have them. Be sure to let them know!

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