Tips for Having a Comfortable WordCamp Experience

Dress For Comfort

It took me a while to figure out what I found comfortable in a conference setting. I wanted to feel good about what I was wearing, and present myself as a professional human being. But, I also wanted to feel comfortable. It’s a tricky balance, as you’re often tired from travel and social interaction. I highly recommend bringing items of clothing you know you feel safe and comfy in, and that are very simple. That way it won’t add any chaos to your trip, and physically you’ll feel as good as you can.

Bring Some Comfort Items

Comfort items can be anything that makes you feel good. Your favorite shoes, your favorite hoodie, some snacks you like in case you don’t like the food provided. It’s almost like preparing a toddler bag. But if you’re tired, busy, and traveling, I’d say it’s worth putting in effort to be as comfortable as possible.

Keep Your Schedule

It can be incredibly hard to get enough sleep while you’re traveling. You’re in a new place, maybe a different time zone, and you’re attending events and going out with friends. One of the best words of advice I’ve heard when going to WordCamps is: treat the conference like you’re working. Go to bed at your normal time, and try to wake up at your normal time. There are a lot of things happening that you can’t control, so take advantage of what you can control.

Get. All. The. Apps.

There are apps for just about everything travel related. Uber and Lyft help you get around, there are individual apps for tons of different airlines that hold your boarding pass and flight information, and lots of different map apps to help you know where you’re going. You can also get apps to help you pack and stay organized. Nowadays there’s an app for just about everything, so if you’re nervous, or struggling to keep track of all the details of traveling, take a look at the app store to see if there’s anything that could help.