How To: Technology Tools

For this week, let’s go with a listicle type of post. I’ve heard some people are quite fond of them. Here are some tools that I use regularly, and what I use them for.

Image Tools


Canva provides a simple way to edit images. It isn’t as in-depth as photoshop (thank goodness). Canva allows you to add text in various fonts, has templates, and has quite a few other features. It has a paid version, but the free version has plenty for basic needs.


Unsplash is where I get most of my stock images. There’s a lot of controversy about whether to use images from free sites like Unsplash. The biggest concern is proper credit to the photographer.

Whenever you download an image from the site, it gives you the opportunity to copy and paste text that says, “this image is by so-and-so from Unsplash.” I always try to make sure and run my Unsplash photos through Canva and add that little bit of text to the bottom of the image.

Text Tools

Google Products

I could sell my soul to Google for Google drive, Google docs, and Google sheets. They are a huge life saver when it comes to organization, creating content, and saving documents. I also like how easy it is to share documents or spreadsheets with my coworkers.

People have done a lot of different, fantastic things with Google sheets. There are some great resources out there for how to create a spreadsheet that fulfills exactly what you need.

Workflow & Timekeeping Tools

Toggl & Timers

I use Toggl to keep track of my time, as well as timers on google. Typically I use a sort of Pomodoro Technique that helps me stay focused, but still stay productive. I take my work tasks, then split them up into 40 minute and 15-20 minute blocks. It helps give my brain a break without needing to necessarily take a break. And then I don’t get too hyper-focused and burn out.

Toggl also has a free and premium version, but again, the free version seems to be plenty for a single user. If you’re managing a team, or using it for your company I might recommend the free version.

Google Sheets & Docs

I did already talk about google products, but I wanted to give an example of how I use them for my workflow. I’ve found that the biggest roadblock in my day is decision paralysis. If I have too big of a list of things to get done, but no clear path to get them done, I’ll just slog through various projects to try and get them done. This is also where the Pomodoro Technique really helps.

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