3 Tips for Managing Your Time While Working Remote

We’ve discussed how working remote is quite different from a conventional work experience. And, a lot of people assume that by staying home they’ll be able to be even more productive. That can be the case, but it’s not that simple. Here are some tips to help keep your work day feeling productive, and help you feel good about your efforts.

Break Your Day Into Small Segments

I’ve recently started working from home, and I’ve had a much harder time reaching my goals than anticipated. I’m generally a hard worker, but I find myself only being able to work in about 45 minute segments. At first, I was really discouraged. All I could think was, “How am I going to be able to do this if I can’t focus?”

When you’re working in an office, or even at a more physical job, your tasks are more tangible. However, when you’re working from your computer, it’s almost like you cut out the middle man. When I sit at my desk I am working. My brain doesn’t stop. Whereas in a conventional work environment, I’m “working” from the time I clock in until I clock out. But that usually involves chatting with coworkers, or physically moving from point a to point b.

I feel like working from home is far more concentrated than a conventional work environment. So, an 8 hour shift can look and feel very different. I found success by breaking down my tasks and hours into small achievable goals. That way I didn’t need to manage organizing my day and working at the same time.

Adjust Your Expectations

You’ve made a list and schedule for yourself, and are ready to tackle the week. But then your employer or coworker steps in and says, “Hey we need you to tackle X thing this week.” Now all the work you put towards being successful is completely derailed. What do you do?

Take a deep breath. If your employer is giving you extra to work on, that means they’re adjusting their own expectations. (And if they don’t, it might be time to chat with your employer.) Make sure your communication is clear, and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t Stay Isolated

Developing a workday and routine that fits you takes time. If you’re having a hard time and feel stuck, ask a coworker, your employer, or a team lead for help. 90% of the time your community will be willing to help, especially if you’re new to the company. They understand that it’s going to take a while for you to get situated. And, it benefits them to see you succeed.

I hope these tips help as you start your remote work journey! We’ve got a ton of resources to help manage new careers, remote or in office. If you have any struggles you could use help with, leave a comment, or reach out to us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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