Why should you hire Veterans?

There are several reasons why you should hire United States Military Veterans. It cost the United States government on average $65,000 to train 1 soldier. These men and women have had a lot of time and money invested in them before they even darken your doorstep for an interview. 

A lot of soldiers have never had to write a resume or walk into an interview before. When they are looking for their next career path, they do not have the experience with interviews or writing resumes that their peers do, and this can put them at a disadvantage during the hiring process. However, that does not mean these Service members are behind their peers. In fact, it is the complete opposite. What these men and women might lack in corporate experience they make up for in character and skills that can equate over to corporate experience. 

Here are 10-character traits that should help you hire Military Veterans:

  1. Work Ethic- When Service members first enter the armed forces, they are taught that hard work and determination to accomplish their goals is a primary skill. Most Service members are very task oriented. If you tell them what they need to do in a sequence it will be completed in that sequence and in the order, you tell them. Some if not most of these resilient workers have been working in stressful situations, making them well-prepared for their next career path in the civilian job. 
  1. Diversity and inclusion – They have been working side by side with people of different backgrounds, religions, skin colors, gender, nationalities, geographic regions, economic status, mental and physical capacities. They have the sensitivity to work with people that are different from themselves and be inclusive. This is a great skill to possess in WordPress. Where people are from all over the world and need to be included.
  1. Teamwork- Military members are well trained to work in teams and as individuals. They know and understand that genuine teamwork grows out of responsibility to your colleagues. Service members have a communal mindset that works well with other colleagues for the good of the company. 
  1. Leadership- The military trains people to lead by example as well as through direction and delegation. Military members are specifically trained to lead teams of individuals into stressful situations. They are also taught chain of command, to be a good leader you must be a good follower. Iron Sharpens Iron and military members know how to bring out the best in themselves as well as their teammates.  
  1. Efficient performance under pressure: Military personnel are trained to perform well under pressure, and work on tight schedules with limited resources. 
  1. Respect for procedures: Service members understand the value of accountability. They know how policies and procedures enable an organization to exist.
  1. Accelerated learning curve: They have the proven ability to adapt and learn to new skills and situations. In addition, they are entering into a new career path with identifiable and transferable skills that are proven in real life situations. 
  1. Integrity: These men and women understand how to complete an “Honest day’s work’. Prospective employers can take advantage of their proven track record of integrity, that often includes security clearances. Their integrity translates into qualities of trustworthiness and sincerity. 
  1. Triumph over adversity: Service members have had to deal positively with typical issues of personal maturity. They have frequently triumphed over adversity, have proven their mettle in critical situations that demand endurance and flexibility. They have also overcome personal obstacles through strength and determination. 
  1. Accountability– Military members have a high level of personal accountability and can encourage others to be more efficient and dedicated. In their previous careers as soldiers making mistakes can have disastrous consequences, they are committed to taking responsibility for their actions. They strive for excellence and take their assignments seriously. 

I hope you found your reason “Why”. These men and women have trained hard for their careers as soldiers. Now they are looking for their next adventure and we want you to be a part of it. Contact us if you would like to partner with us to hire our trained professionals.