Our Mentor Directory provides information about our committed mentors. Mentors are paired with graduating students from our program to be a resource for them as they seek and begin employment within the WordPress community.

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Scott DeLuzio

Drive On Podcast


After working exclusively with WordPress (designing websites for clients and later developing plugins) for 10+ years, I transitioned my professional career away from WordPress. However, I am still an active (and avid) user of the platform for my podcast and other personal sites.

Currently, I use WordPress to distribute the Drive On Podcast, which focuses on helping military veterans and their families with the various issues they face during and after their time in uniform. It is a crucial piece of software that I use to deliver episode content and provide resources and other critical information to the military community.

Go to as many WordCamps and local meetup events as you can. You will find that the WordPress community is full of people who are willing to help you find solutions. I have been to WordCamps where someone started talking about a problem, and a person who was able to help pulled out their laptop and coded the solution for them on the spot. They didn't ask for money - they just wanted to help. While this may not be a typical experience at every event, it shows the type of people that exist in the WordPress community.

You will also make connections with people who can help you along in your career down the line. You may not have the opportunity to work together today, but when the time is right, you'll have the connection in place to grow together.