At WP Connects we support our US Military. To us that is more than just mere words. We believe that support can look differently to every person. We show our support by offering training and job connections for our service men and women. We go the next step by offering mentorship programs and connections.

Talisha Lewallen

Founder and CEO

Talisha is passionate about helping and supporting our United States military personnel. Her lifelong friend is currently a Major in the US Airforce, her sister and brother-in-law were both Linguists in the Airforce, her brother is a Marine, one of her grandfathers was in the Navy, and the other was in the Airforce. She has seen her family struggle as they transition back into civilian life. All these people she has loved were highly trained in their military careers, but the skills didn’t translate over into civilian businesses. She wants to do what she can to help support our troops.

Through working as the Director of Operations for Post Status LLC, the main struggle of WordPress professionals is hiring good quality workers. Together we can bridge that gap and support our troops.